Thursday, March 17, 2011

Riaan & Lindie - De Hoek Country Lodge

Being able to photograph a wedding is always such a great privilege. You get to know two people very well and spend every step of the way by their side as they go through the anguish and excitement of the day, while capturing those special moments in between.

Riaan & Lindie's wedding was no exception. When I first met Riaan & Lindie, I could immediately pick up on their love for nature. It was thus no surprise when they decided to tie the knot at the very rustic  De Hoek Country Lodge in Heidelberg with beautiful views of rolling hills and grasslands. Did I mention the horses and wild game?

The Abyss

Just as the sun was setting and we arrived back at the reception, which was in an old barn, our friends at ESCOM decided to add some excitement to the event by "load shedding" on such a perfect day. This obviously presented some challenges when  trying to find the right equipment in a dark corner, but definitely added to the whole farm wedding theme. :-)
It is in situations like this  that people's true character shows. Fortunately Riaan & Lindie are both honest, well grounded people who took the turn of events in stride, kicked off their shoes and danced the night away.

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