Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Old Friends

Photographic wall art printed on canvas is one of the most versitile, contemporary and affordable means of making your home or office the centre of attention. This has been thoroughly proven in countries like the United Kingdom, United States and Australia - everyone loves good art, specifically if it is personalized and reflects your unique style.

No offense to the respective artists, but looking around at all the boring paintings being sold daily in shopping malls and along the roads of South Africa I can hardly believe that the majority of South Africans have so little creativity when it comes to decor and style. The only reason I can see why photographic canvas art has not yet replaced all of the commercial art on display, as in so many other countries, is the fact that commercial photographic outlets, who were the first to offer this service, produced inferior quality prints and products. Once again, my apologies to any printers out there who do things the right way, but my personal experience has been that it is an impossible mission to get a good quality print from a commercial photographic outlet.My aim is to change all of that...

After years of experimenting and lessons learnt, I can offer my clients a good quality print, combined with quality 44mm thick frames and  excellent workmanship on the stretching of the canvas. Few things are so rewarding than seeing a large, good quality, personalized piece of photographic art on your wall.

Several frame options are available such as the standard canvas frame, the round beveled frame and the flat beveled frame.

In addition, the prints and frames can be can be combined in a variery of differnt shapes. Below are some examples of ways to make your canvas print suit your unique display area:

Standard landscape canvas

Square Canvas

 Tritych Canvas
Small Squares Canvas

 Panoramic Canvas

Please feel free to contact me directly should you require any additional information.

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