Thursday, November 26, 2009


Now that my new website is finally up and running, I guess its time to catch up on some of the shoots I've done lately. The photo above reflects the final product of a very interesting photo-shoot, but definitely does not tell the whole story!

I was recently asked to do some portraits of a local businessman's "children" as a birthday present, since his dogs meant the world to him. Being the zoo keeper that I am, I have frequently had to take "family portraits" to keep the wife happy and thought I had Animal photography under control. Big was my surprise on the day of the shoot when not only was the owner of the dogs not available, but a friend had offered to stand in as chaperon (did I mention that the friend also brought his own two dogs along?) - CHAOS!!! In a very interesting way...

Fortunately, enough snacks saved the day! Never attempt to photograph animals without snacks although that might sometimes completely overshadow the shoot and make them loose interest with the camera ;-)

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