Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where will the children find hope?

As mentioned yesterday, I have been back to the New Beginnings Care Centre a couple of times over the last week or two. The saddest part of  what I've seen there is how the children are affected by the bad choices we as adults make. They don't choose to be in the situation and most of them don't even realise that there is a better world out there - they are just happy - being children...

Growing up in the confines of an old decaying prison will inevitably call for a miracle in order for them to grow up as healthy, functioning individuals, but for now this is all they have and know.

Bedroom for five.

And what was once a place for executions and death is now a family home.

The amazing thing though is that these people hang in there, continuing with their daily lives, fueled by life-giving public donations and the hope of one day becoming active members of society again.

Hopefully I will be able to visit the close by informal settlement within the next couple of days to document some of the ongoing projects run by New Beginnings.

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