Monday, September 14, 2009


Being the quiet, reserved guy that I am, I very seldom make a fuss of my photos and never out load, BUT today I received a very flattering e-mail from Cape Town based pro-photographer Greg Lumley.

In my opinion, he is not only one of the best local wedding photographers, but all in all seems like a very nice guy. In the past, Greg has been kind enough to help me out with some sound lightning advice, which I hope to put to the test in the near future.

If you are into excellent, innovative and edgy photography, be sure to check out his website. You will also find some chilling facts on social issues along with the usual outstanding images in his most recent post – go check it out!

On the topic of social issues, as promised, I have been back to the New Beginnings Care Centre a couple of times over the past weeks, getting to know the people better and capturing more images for their website. These should be up in the next day or so.

Getting to know the people housed at the centre better has made me realise just how close to the edge we are all standing – one drink to many, one experiment to many, one bad decision and you can land flat on your face. In the times we live in, very few people care enough to give you a helping hand to get back on your feet, which makes New Beginnings such an extraordinary place.

For instance, there is Grant (name changed) who ran an international business worth millions (he has the newspaper clippings to prove it). Bad business partners, a heroin addicted wife and an almost fatal car accident left him limping and nothing but the clothes on his back. No other institute will help him get back on his feet, but New Beginnings has given him a 4 square meter cell, bed, clothes and a contract job. He has hope and one day, I’m sure, he will have his own business again. But for now he is at the mercy of people’s goodwill.

Then there is young Chris (name changed), who like most of us experimented with drugs. Unfortunately, his experiment went of the rails and he ended up not seeing the outside of his bedroom for years. New Beginnings helped him out of the darkness and he has been clean for over two years now. He has a part-time job and has decided to stay on as a coach for new addicts arriving daily at the center’s door.

There are so many stories of hope that I can go on forever, but I will leave them for a future post.

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