Monday, September 21, 2009


My father in-law turned 70 last week and we went to visit him the past weekend. He is a boilermaker by profession and despite his ripe age, he still works with steel every day of his life, making the most beautiful ornamental steel projects.

The fact that he stays in another town means that it is not often that all his children and grandchildren are there at the same time. Obviously this occasion called for a quick photo session. I thought that if everyone brought along something unique to them, it would make the shoot more fun, as it was a mission to convince everyone and I only had a couple of minutes to set up and shoot.

I set up my strobes in and adjacent open field, just after sunset. It turned out that the props were unnecessary and I did not need to encourage a smile, as all of the neighbors were peeking through windows at the spectacle across the road causing bursts of hysterical laughter every time another voyeur was spotted in the dark!

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