Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bread & Hope

For most people Monday started with the usual rush of having to get up to speed with what was left behind last week and settling back into our daily routine. But, for many the day started with having to stand in a queue for a bread hand-out, after a long, hungry weekend.

Last week I came across the New Beginnings Care Centre on the outskirts of Boksburg. It’s a registered public benefit organisation and non-profit organisation catering for the destitute and is entirely dependant on public donations. They managed to secure the old Cinderella women’s prison, after it had been standing empty for some decades, cleared the overgrowth and are now housing almost 600 people in the old cells and makeshift wooden huts. They provide food, clothing, contract work and even education to people of all walks of life who have no where else to go.

The centre provides housing for any person in need, from street children, abused women and children, parolees, recovering substance abuse patients to the mentally disabled.

There is such a great need for assistance – any kind of assistance – that I have decided to help them out with some promotional photos. I will be updating regularly on the progress and more information on the centre and the work they do, so please check in frequently.

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